emma och malena's guide to Käringön

We love Käringön and we get our inspiration and joy from here since 2004. For anyone who has not been on Käringön it is an island outside Orust in Bohuslän. There are no cars on the island, which makes Käringön into a fantastic and relaxing island. That's why we would like to gudie you to our favorite places. 

Go to Käringön.

You can travel to Käringön by your own boat or ferry from Tuvesvik. Remember to check when the ferry depatures before you leave. It will takes about 1-1.30 hours to drive by car from Gothenburg. You can park on Tuvesvik and it will take a few minutes to go from the parking lot to the ferry. The Västtrafik ferry takes about 40 minutes.

When you get to Käringön you will be at the island where the emma och malena brand and the store were born.

Now take a walk around the island and enjoy the idyllic Bohuslän view. The beautiful fishing cottages are built close together, and whatever the season, nature is beautiful and the sea fabulous. Bathing can be done in several places around the island.

Eat at Käringön.

On Käringön there is a fantastic foodstore that is open all year round. Make sure to shop here, the store is located on the pier. If you have any questions you can always call the store: +46 ( 0) 304 561 65.

You will also find the fish shop, where you can buy Folke and Kristina's crayfish caught with LL42 - Kristina. The crayfish are boiled right on the pier following a special recipe. The crayfish are the best on the west coast according to emma och malena. The telephone number to the fish shop is: +46 (0) 304 560 32.

We would also recommend Peterson's Krog. Located very nice next to our emma och malena store on Skeppersholme. Here were a lot of good ideas born and we have also had many good fish dishes. In the evening if you would like to dance and drink the pub upstairs is the place to be. During the summer you can also have a drink at Lalla's bar that is open out on the dock. Book a table at number +46 (0) 304-56019 or go to their website petersonskrog.se.

You can also eat at Simsons Prästgård (tel: +46 (0) 304-56059) close to the church and at Skeppers Grill & Deli (tel: +46 (0) 704-591 129) in the harbor. You can have a nice coffee at Skafferiet (tel. +46 (0) 304-560 05) that is located next to the tennis court.

Shop at Käringön.

Käringön is about a kilometer in diameter, in this little area you can have a unique shopping experience. As you may know we have two stores on this island and can not think of any better place for you to shop. Hopefully you are here on vacation with people you like, your stomach is full and you have plenty of time to do your shopping. In addition to emma och malena's two shops there is also other stores to shop in such as Sail Racing, Pelle P, Millia Mi, Shyness and Skeppshandeln

The best tip is to visit the island when we have our annual fashion show. The fashion show is held outside the store on Skeppersholme and Peterson's Krog. At the fashion show we show our current collection on models of all ages from the island. Do not miss the fashion show on Käringön! On Saturday week 28, make sure to shedule it in your calendar.


Stay at Käringön.

Stay over night or rent a house for a week, come here by boat or ferry. There are some different accomodation options to choose from. Looking for accomodation at Käringön there are several people renting their houses or rooms. The best way is to find accomodation is to take a look HERE. A few years ago Bastu & Logi opened up a new hostel. It's nice and clean and with comfortable beds and there is also a sauna. 

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