The Swedish bag brand Sandqvist was founded in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist. Sandqvist makes bags and accessories for everyday use. Throughout watchwords are simplicity, durability, style and function. Inspiration comes from the people around who stand out from the crowd and the clothes and interiors, as defined by need and not the fashion of the moment. Sandqvist like to recycle the story of their own ideas.

Sandqvist production


Sandqvist leather bags and wallets uses full grain, vegatable-tanned leathers to achieve the natural feeling and a beautiful aging. No pigment is used to hide leather defects, why some scratches and marks will be visible on the leathers as a result of the natural process. This is normal and is not to be seen as a defect.

Vegetably tanned leather is influenced by sunlight, moisture and dirt. The leather will get a nice patina over the time if you take care of it in the right way.
- Sunlight will make bright leather darker over time.
- Hot and dry air can dry out the leather. If your bag has become wet, dry it in normal room temperature, not close to a radiator or similar.
- If the leather has become dirty, wipe it off with a slight moisted sponge and some mild soap if necessary. Wipe gently and do not rub hard.
To make the bag withstand water and dirt better, you can impregnate it and grease it or treat the lather with leather balm. Greasing of bright leather normally gives it a sligtly darker colour tone. Always try on a small surfce that is non-visible, to see how the colour changes, before you treat the whole bag. Greasing will also soften the leather a bit, which may give the bag a different feeling. If you prefer to keep the original feeling, we recommend that you just treat the bottom of the bag, which is most affected when putting down the bag on wet ground. Ask at a shoe repair if you are unsure and always use products that are specially made for leather care.

Cotton canvas

Our canvas bags are made of heavy cotton canvas that is non-treated. This means that the canvas is not waterproof and it will bleech from sunlight, which gives the bags a nice worn look.
The canvas is dyed and not washed thereafter, why a color bleed when the canvas is wet can happen. To wear a canvas backpack on a white shirt in heavy rain should be avoided as it may cause bleed stains on the shirt, similar like with non-washed denim, but in less extent.
If you want to make the bag more water resistant, it is recommendable to impregnate the bag with impregnation that is made for protection of cotton garment. Always try on a small surface that is non-visible before you impregnate the whole bag. The canvas can also be waxed to protect it from rain. Dirt can normally be removed by a slight wettened sponge and some mild soap. The leather details can be treated in the way as described in the leather section above.

Washing of canvas products

The Ekstedt Apron can be mashine washed in 40 degrees using a mild detergent, but bleech crinckles in the canvas can occur why handwash is recommendable. Stretch the wet garment and let it dry hanging. Re-grease the leather when almost completely dry. Also canvas bags can be washed in similar way if absolutely necessary. In some bags there are stabilizing materials (like bottom plate) made of cardboard paper which does not like to be soaked, why it is always better to try to clean the dirty part with a spnge and warm water and some mild soap.


Cordura is a fabric with origin from military applications in the 1960's. Cordura fabrics are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. Sandqvist uses a 1000x1000 denier heavy duty Cordura with Nylon-66 as base material and a PU-coating. The same material was commonly used in mountaineering backpacks in the 70's and 80's, before more technical materials entered the market. The Sandqvist cordura material is water resistant and very durable. You can clean your Cordura bag by using normal hand soap and a moist sponge or cloth.
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