What do you for a living?
- I am a freelance journalist in a very large field. Right now I work a lot with interior, design and also intervjues for different magazines.

What are you going to instagram about this spring?
- Well, I am not that strategic when it comes to instagram but I will give it a good guess.
My work and different jobs.I hope to be working much more with
fashion in all shapes, accesories and also food.

Which item of clothing are you most looking forward to from the upcoming collection?
- Marie Shirt Kaprifol, with the lovely pattern and the whole badingchlothes-collection!

What is your relationship to the sea?
- I grew up in Norrland and my relation to the sea is under constuction. I do think that the sea is magnificent but it is not at all that natural for me to find time to visit, as I can se my west-coast friends do. No matter weatherconditions, season or watertemperature, you impress me! Brr!

You picked this pieces as your EM-favourites, why just them?
- The wave-collection because of the lovely pattern and color. I am a sucker for navy. I also like the beautiful shape in Marie shirt kaprifol and... linen. a. lot!

Bodil´s choices:

EM Marie Shirt Linen
EM Brief Kaprifol
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