Hello Emma!

What do you do for a living?
- Pattern-designer and running my own brand.

What are you going to instagram about this spring?
- No idea, I don´t plan my pictures on instagram.
Probably my design, designprocess, my work and my own products,

Which item of clothing are you most looking forward to from the upcoming collection?
- Emely Jacket of course, for me and Bohuslän sweater for my three boys!

What is your relation to the sea?
- Childhood, grown-up life, Sailing every summer.
I feel wonderfully calm close to the sea. Addicted.
I could never imagine to move away from it.

You have choosen you EM-favourites, why theese?
-Perfect coat in the breezy westcoast of sweden. 
Bohuslän-swetties because Bohuslän lives in my heart!
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