The ideas and inspiration for emma and malenas designs are most often derived from a trip out at sea or a walk out on the cliffs in the archipelago. Especially out at Käringön in the west coast archipelago of Sweden we find much of the inspiration for our collections. The themes and feelings for collections we also find in images, movies, stories and people in our surroundings. Ever garment in emma and malena’s collections tells a story. We would love to tell you a little bit about the road from idea to the finished product that we finally sell in our stores.


The curiosity of people and the story behind the garments that they use or have been using for centuries is constantly ongoing in our design process – just like the awareness of trends in our society and the thoughts behind a garment that is meant to be worn and loved. Behind each garment there is a long line of decisions to be made – everything from the materials to be used or the length of a sleeve.

We work with spring and fall collections made for women, men and children and we design every single garment from a sketch. From that sketch we develop measurements for every size that the garment is going to be produced in and sent those measurements to our factories in Portugal, which they use to produce the first sample.

If the garment has the right measurements, right quality and is well made we approve it, otherwise changes will be made until we are completely happy with the result.

Today we show our sample collections to retailers around the world. When their orders are placed we add them to our personal emma and malena retail orders and make sure that these total quantities are produced in our factories and delivered in a timely manner. Twice a year we visit our factories to discuss potential changes and improvements that can be made.

After approximately 3-5 months the orders are delivered to our wholesale clients and our own emma and malena retail stores. Here we hope to deliver garments to our clients that live on season after season.

We care about the future & our children

emma och malena produce their clothes in a conscious manner and therefore the environment is one of the most important aspects. First and foremost we choose to work with factories in Sweden and in Portugal – partly to shorten the transportation between the factories and us, but it also helps us to make sure that the factory workers are working under good conditions in a safe environment. We have been working with our factories and seamstresses for several years to establish good relationships and to have good insight in the work that they do.
To produce and manufacture products will always effect the environment, and we want to work towards affecting it as little as possible. Our goal is to do this at the very best of our ability.
OEKO-Tex is a leading international control agency within the textile industry. To be certified with OEKO-Tex means a guarantee that the clothes do not contain any dangerous chemicals or components that may be harmful for your health or skin. Additionally, there are also requirements to produce and handle the garments in an environmentally conscious way – even when disposing of them. All of our jersey and the majority of our clothing is OEKO-Tex certified.
We also make use of the scraps and pieces from left over fabrics to make sure that the least amount possible goes to waste.
We always plan our logistics to make it as efficient as possible – therefore we ship all of our garments by truck and we re-use all of the boxes delivered to us.
Most of all we make sure and hope that our garments will be used year after year and that the people shopping with us will love their every purchase.

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