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Our names are Emma and Malena. We started off as friends in school. Now we are friends at work. Two creative people who loves to draw, design and create beautiful, timeless garments and products who last through generations. We always keep the ocean and the west coast archipelago closest to our hearts.

Everything became reality in 2004 when we got offered a small boutique space on Käringön. It was really an old fisherman's cottage. It was during we time we mainly just knitted beanies. Maybe you saw us sitting outside the red cottage knitting? Anyway. To get the space, there was a catch. We had to create a fisherman´s shirt based on an old pattern originated from the island. The Käringö Sweater. That was the true beginning of emmamalena.

And we think there is a reason that everything started on Käringön, of all places. There were previously two siblings living on the island, called Emma and Malena. Very unlikely and very strange, we know, but very true. And pretty festive.

We got one year as a trial. And we passed. Since then, many more patterns have been created from the island. Dresses that the women on the island wore in the 1930s. The fisherman's shirts the men wore with just as beautiful detailing. We think it is amazing to recreate but also renew the wonderful legacy from the west coast.

The craftsmanship is extremely important to us. We have learned from scratch. We create our own patterns and draw them up by hand our selves. And we love it. And yes, all our inspiration for the patterns comes from Bohuslän. The magnificence of the sea, the warm mountains, salty shrimps and fragrant honeysuckle. Without all that, there is nothing.

We make fashion inspired by the archipelago that will suit you wherever you are. You might not even be in the archipelago. But with oysters, mackerels, jellyfish and other nice patterns you will feel embraced by the feeling of summer and all kinds of warm feelings. Wherever you are.

We make fashion inspired by the archipelago that will suit you wherever you are.

That the clothing will last long, is one of the most important criteria for us. Quality and sustainability is no compromise. With emmamalena you will be able to wear the same sweater as your grandfather or your kids. And you can, with a lot of pride and love, give your knitted sweater, dress or fisherman´s shirt down to someone you keep close to you. Garments for families over generations, through generations. That is what we are all about.

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Friends who shares or passion

We love getting to know new people, people that shares our passion for the ocean, the cost, quality, crafts and design. And everything else that makes life magical. Here you get to meet some of them.