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Käringön Guide

Come with us to Käringön. For every one of you that haven't been to Käringön, it is an island that is far out the sea belt just outside of Orust on the west coast, Bohuslän. There are no cars on the island, which makes Käringön an amazing and extremely peaceful island. We would love to show you some of our favourite places.

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The harbour of Käringön.
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Ferry to Käringön!
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First of, you get to Käringön. You can do this by either boat or the ferry from Tuvesvik.

Remember to first check the times of the ferries before you leave home.

It will take an estimated time of 1-1.30 hours to go by car from Gothenburg.

You can park your car at Tuvesvik which is in walking distance to the ferry. Västtrafiks ferry will take about 40 minutes.

Some routes will also make a stop at Gullholmen.

Once you are there, you will be greeted by the island where the brand emmamalena och the store was born.

Start by taking a beautiful walk around the island and enjoy this west coast treasure.

The beautiful fishermen´s cottages are tightly lined up and no matter which season, the nature is outstanding and the ocean breathtaking. You can have a swim from several spots throughout the island.

The guest harbour is managed by Orust county.
Telephone +46 (0) 706 231 925

You can pay the guest harbour fee by either Swish or credit card.


The name Käringön probably originated from the Scottish word "cairn" which means navigation mark (small towers made of stone or cairns).
In Swedish it eventually translated into "Käringar". Almost every house on the island, which is several hundred, are built before the 1920s and are today commonly used as holiday properties.

About 65 people live on the island all year round and with thriving entrepreneurship of 26 businesses, you could say that Käringön is a community very much alive.


Käringön has an amazing grocery store that is open all year round. Make sure to go there, it is located in the middle of the pier.
You can always call the store at 0304 561 65 if you want to see if anything specific is in stock.

Further down the pier, you will find the fish shop.
Here you can buy Folke and Kristinas crawfish which they have caught themselves from the boat LL42 - Kristina. They later prepare the crawfish by their own recipe on the pier.
The absolute best crawfish along the whole west coast if you ask Emma och Malena. The telephone number to the fish shop is 0304 560 32.

We also highly want to recommend Petersons Krog.
It is located nicely just next to emmamalena shop on Skeppersholme.
This is the place of birth for many of our ideas and where many fish courses have been enjoyed. During the summer season, you will also find Lallas bar on the pier.
The evenings and nights are reserved for the top floor of the pub which is for dancing and enjoying a couple of drinks.
You can book a table at 0304-56019 or

You can also go to eat at Simsons Prästgård (tel. 0304-56059) located by the church and Käringöns Brygga (tel. 0304-563 65), have great crepés at Creperiet or eat at Bengtssons Korv och Grill by the harbour.

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Enjoy the peace and quiet and the amazing views on Käringön.
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Oysters, a treasure from the ocean.
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One of the beautiful views of Käringön.

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Käringön is about one kilometer in diameter, in this small space, you will find a completely unique shopping experience in a beautiful environment. As you might know, we run two stores on this island and we can honestly not imagine a better location for shopping. Casually strolling together with people you love, hopefully full and satisfied, you can go shopping in this peaceful environment.

Besides emmamalena on Skeppersholme and our children's store em located in building 87, there is also Sail Racing, Millia Mi, Shyness and Skeppshandeln.

Our best tip is to try and come when we have our yearly fashion show on Käringön which is held outside our store on Skeppersholme and Petersons Krog. At the fashion show, you will see our current collection worn by models of every age.


Stay just for the night or rent a house for a whole week, come with your own boat or someone else's. There are several options to chose from. If you are looking for accommodation on Käringön, several of the house owners on the island rent out their homes or the best way is to click HERE.

Käringöns Logi & Bastu opened a few years ago which is a hostel. There is also a small and cosy boutique hotel close to our shop on Skeppersholme Lotshotellet.

Both places are nice and fresh-looking with comfortable beds as well as saunas.

What we are saying is, welcome to Käringön!

If you are still not convinced of visiting Käringön, or if you need to convince someone else to come here with you, we have made a list of 10 reasons to visit Käringön.



Käringön is positioned far out in the sea belt which makes the water crystal clear and crispy. A more refreshing ocean than this will be hard to find. Along the southern parts of the island, you will find places to skinny dip. Hornuddarna, the bathhouses or the outdoor swimming pool is where we have our swims all year round!

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Go and find your own spot on the cliffs.
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The ladies bath on Käringön.
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Crystal clear water on Käringön.

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This is the most genuine archipelago restaurant along the entire west coast, you have to try the gratinated mussels. You are going to want to enjoy the food and the view for a long while. On our part, we have eaten a whole lot of mussels there.


At Käringön you will eat some of the best fish and seafood in the world. The fish shop catches and then prepares their own crawfish. There are also fantastic oysters.


Here you can find a thriving and unique mix of shopping. Have a stop by one of emmamalenas shops on the island. You will also find Sail Racing, Pelle P, Milla Mi, Shyness and Käringöns Skeppshandel.


There are no cars on Käringön, the silence and fresh air are wonderful. During the summer you are also not allowed to go by bike on the island, the only exception is the coast guard.


The best view is when the sun is setting over the water or maybe behind a cliff. Here you can really experience some magic evenings all year round!


At different locations on Käringön, you can see all latitudes. Look to the west and see Måskeskärs lighthouse, to the south Marsstrands fortress, to the north Vedholmen and to the east Hälleviksstrand.


The houses on Käringön stand close together and several of the buildings are built in the 1700s or 1800s. Experience the history of fishing by having a look into the old fisherman's cottage on the island.


Under normal circumstances, it is on the top floor of Petersons Krog where you dance until you are sweaty during the summer season. Here you can order tasty drinks or why not a Lallas Lager ( their own beer from Ocean brewery).


Experience where emmamalena gets the inspiration for their patterns and garments. Käringön is the inspiration behind big parts of emmamalenas collections. We simply love this island.

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