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A little bit about clothing care

Care for your clothes

We want you to be able to wear your clothes for as long as possible, taking care of them properly is the easiest way to achieve this. Take part in and read about our tips on how to care for your clothing in the best way possible. Your favourite clothing vill last as long as an old fisherman's from Bohuslän.


Only wash dirty clothing and be careful when washing and drying your clothes. Do not wash more than necessary. If your shirt is dirty from cleaning out a fish, it is okay to wash it. Different clothing has different requirements when it comes to washing, so read the washing label. Here you have some simple guidelines:

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- Choose a liquid detergent: it dissolves easier than powder and is the most gentle choice for washing both by hand and machine. We recommend Grumme liquid detergent that comes in options both for different materials and colours.

- Wash in lower temperatures: make sure that you choose the lowest possible temperature when washing, especially when washing delicate garments.

- Wash in a shorter time: the shortest program is usually enough to get your garments clean. By choosing to wash in a shorter time, you also save water.

- Do you need to wash the whole garment? It is often better and more efficient to only wash the actual stain. It will save both water and energy. We recommend stain soap.

- Laundry bag: always use a laundry bag for delicate materials such as silk, viscose and wool. Always turn the garments inside out to avoid decolourization. A laundry bag counteracts wear during washing which might later lead to pilling.

- Airdry your clothing on either a clothesline or a hanger. Avoid tumble drying all together since it wears a lot on the garments.

- Wash less often: think it over once more before washing your clothes. To just air them outside is often enough to refresh them. Forget your booked washing with a clear conscience!


Store your garments in a way that they keep their original shape and quality.

- Tricot: Store your tricot garments folded or hanging in the closet.

- Knitted: Put away your knitted sweaters folded and on a flat surface and when drying they should be kept flat as well. This way you avoid them stretching and loose their original fit.

- Woven shirts, dresses and blouses: These garments are best stored on hangers. It helps the fabric to keep fresh and it avoids wrinkles.

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Here are a few tips on how to take care of your favourite garments and make them last longer. Treat your garments as if it is a long-term investment.

- Repair and patch it together yourself or give it to the tailor. Repair it with a contrasting colour on the thread to really show how much you love your garment. A favourite garment is always worth repairing.

- Keep the stretch: stretchy material like elastane and lycra is sensitive to heat. Preserve these garments by washing them inside out in cold temperatures. Never use fabric softener.

- Broken zipper: change the zipper at a tailor. Maybe even choose a different colour to get a completely different garment.

- Get rid of pilling: many natural materials will start pilling over time and with increased use. The softer the wool, the more pilling. This is normal and there are easy ways to fix this. Use a lint remover to get rid of it.

By donating or selling a garment that you do not use anymore, you can give it a second chance of life. There are many ways to do this.

- Online: to sell clothes you do no longer use online is a good way to find a new owner for your clothing. You can for example use Sellpy.

- Donate locally: second-hand stores and shelters are always in need of donated clothes.


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