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A legacy to maintain

At emmamalena, sustainability is in everything we do. That is how it has always been and how it will always be. Our heart belongs to the west coast archipelago, the ocean and everyday life in between. To us, focusing on sustainability is a given.

And for us, everything started on the small island in the archipelago. An island that through the years have been reliant on nature, fishing and common sense. And thinking long-term. A legacy we want to maintain.


We love to create garments that will last for many years. For example, we have brought new life to old patterns form Käringön. Dresses and fishermen´s shirts that were worn by the men and women on the island in the 1930s. Classic design. Both in terms of quality and design. Women and children usually wore matching clothes, simply due to the leftover fabrics from sewing the women's dresses. Everything had a purpose and nothing should go to waste. And the results were beautiful.

We strive towards production with the lowest environmental impact as possible. We have for example chosen to work with factories in Sweden, Portugal and India. And with a production based in Europe, the transports will not be as long. The goods are being shipped by either truck or by boat. And we always reuse every carton our garments are delivered in.

Of course, we also prioritize good work environments and conditions. And we always have close contact and long going relations with our suppliers to get a proper insight into the production. That is why we have been working with the same factories and seamstresses for several years now.

Just like the women of the 1930s on Käringön, we too make use of every little left over fabric after cutting to create new products.

All our tricot is Svanenmärkt or OEKO-Tex certified. And just like the women of the 1930s on Käringön, we too make use of every little left over fabric after cutting to create new products.

We always want to create garments is the best way possible. The more knowledge we have, the greater requirements we can put on the manufacturing process. And for a garment to be really sustainable, it also has to last over several years. So donate that sweater. Or that shirt. And let that dress carry through generations. With pride and love.

Friends who shares or passion

We love getting to know new people, people that shares our passion for the ocean, the cost, quality, crafts and design. And everything else that makes life magical. Here you get to meet some of them.