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Are you looking for a traditional fisherman's sweater? We are constantly on the hunt and always curious about old pictures from the crews of boats. The design of a classic fisherman's sweater varies greatly from coast to coast. But we know that fishermen were inspired by each other and often bought warm sweaters from the ports they visited. Fisherman's sweaters from Käringön were knitted by family members of those who worked at sea in ancient times.

We love to dig through old patterns and look at hand-knitted garments. At the home of the mackerel fisherman Martin on Käringön, we have gained inspiration for several of our classic fisherman sweaters in the collection. It was an important task on Käringön to knit durable sweaters for the island's fishermen. All with the initials of the recipient knitted somewhere on the garment. Sleeve length was also important, preferably shorter sleeves to avoid getting wet.

The definition and basic design of what is often called a fisherman sweater varies from coast to coast and from place to place. What is often common to these sweaters is that they are knitted from wool, which in our opinion is the best material for cold days at sea, as they were primarily used as workwear by professional fishermen. We have chosen to develop some models in both wool and cotton.

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Inspiration från Aran.
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Våra fiskartröjor.
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Klassiskt mönster.

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Discover the ultimate fisherman sweater from emmamalena! Our sustainable and stylish fisherman sweaters are specially designed for lovers of the archipelago. With high-quality materials and a perfect fit, you will feel comfortable and warm all day long. The garments are made with care for the environment and are easy to wash and dry. Become part of the emmamalena family today and experience the ultimate fishing experience in one of our best fisherman sweaters!


The fisherman sweater makes the perfect top to pair with a well-worn pair of jeans and a pair of sturdy shoes. The key to success is often to surround a knit garment like the fisherman sweater with other garments that are also of a rougher cut, fabric, and design to create a good visual balance.

Add a fisherman shirt underneath.

Fisherman sweater in wool

There are several reasons to choose wool for your fisherman's sweater. Here are some that we think are important:

1. A fisherman's sweater should primarily keep you warm when it's cold outside. Thanks to wool's built-in insulation properties and unique fiber structure, the material creates an insulating layer and keeps you warm even if it's wet and damp outside.

2. We work with a pure lambswool quality that is mulesing-free. The supplier is called Shoeller and we have worked together for many many years. Wool is environmentally friendly as it is a natural, renewable material that also does not require large amounts of chemicals, water or energy to produce.

3. Wool regulates temperature. During a fishing trip along the west coast during the winter months, wool is definitely preferred, but even during the summer in warm climates, the wool releases the heat from the inside.

Käringö sweater

In a fisherman's cottage on Käringön, far out in the western coast of Sweden, there is an old fisherman's sweater from the previous century. With this as a model, we have developed this garment. The Käringö sweater or Pippi sweater as it is also called has been in our collection since 2004. The pattern has been knitted extensively for several decades along the coast. Read more about the Käringö sweater here.

Become a part of history with the Käringötröjan from emmamalena! Inspired by an old fisherman's sweater from the previous century, which was found in a fishing cottage on Käringön, we have created this unique garment. The Käringötröjan, also known as the Pippitröjan, has been a part of our collection since 2004 and pays tribute to the long tradition of knitting along the west coast. With its iconic pattern, high-quality materials, and comfortable fit, this is the perfect sweater for fishermen and anyone who loves the sea. Discover the beautiful coast of Käringön with the Käringötröjan from emmamalena today!


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